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Medical Malpractice Defense

Degan, Blanchard & Nash’s medical malpractice litigation experience is considerable. The firm’s attorneys have defended healthcare providers practicing in such diverse fields as emergency, internal medicine, orthopedics, neurology, nephrology, geriatric medicine, general surgery, dentistry, physical therapy and long-term care. Our client list is varied and diverse, and includes Fortune 400 medical service companies, nationwide locum tenens providers, organ procurement agencies, blood centers, nursing homes, and local practitioners. The attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have extensive knowledge of medical malpractice law and procedure, as well as hospital and nursing home rules and regulations. The attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash represent our clients in administrative actions before medical review panels and state licensing boards, and in the federal and state courts in all parts of Louisiana.

Degan, Blanchard & Nash’s philosophy is to provide services for its healthcare provider clients and insurers on a cost-effective basis. To this end, our attorneys work efficiently by employing early case evaluation to determine which issues to fight for, streamlining discovery, limiting unnecessary motion practice, limiting attendance at unnecessary hearings and discovery depositions, using the firm’s paralegals effectively, and choosing the right expert to assist with litigation.

Our firm’s medical malpractice section retains highly qualified experts with a proven record of effectively defending medical malpractice claims. We know the importance of retaining experts recognized in the healthcare provider client’s field or practice specialty. Our experts are well-known, accomplished professionals who have testified in state and federal courts throughout the country and can assist us in obtaining favorable results for our clients.

Based on our attorneys’ expertise, we frequently obtain favorable outcomes by proving early in the litigation that many malpractice claims have no merit. Accordingly, our litigators have obtained favorable defensive victories at medical panel proceedings and in litigation through summary judgments and other dispositive motions. We have also secured favorable appellate rulings, which have been upheld.

Whatever the dispute entails, the medical malpractice defense lawyers at Degan, Blanchard & Nash each work diligently to achieve the best possible solution for our clients. Each of our lawyers successfully solve health care issues in the same dedicated and creative manner while providing the personalized and flexible service of a small firm.