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Admiralty and Maritime Law

Degan, Blanchard & Nash employs dedicated attorneys with proficiency in admiralty and maritime law. The practice of Admiralty and Maritime law is a highly focused area of law that is not widely practiced throughout the United States. As one of the oldest branches of law, harkening back to ancient times, maritime law today covers a broad area of issues, ranging from injuries and working conditions at sea to shipping and commerce, navigation, collisions, protections for passengers, seaman, captains and crew members, salvage practices, cargo, towage, wharves, piers, and docks; insurance; maritime liens; canals, and workers’ compensation as well as recreational boating and environmental issues. Despite the long history of Admiralty and Maritime law, it is an area of the law that is continuingly developing and evolving.

The attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash are well versed in the complex intersecting web of state and federal statutes, regulations, international treaties, and extensive body of case law comprising admiralty and maritime law. Maritime cases not only require an in depth knowledge of the complicated substantive maritime law, but often also involve complex procedural and jurisdictional issues. Maritime cases can also involve complex insurance and coverage issues, which require not only proficiency in maritime and admiralty law, but also an in-depth knowledge in insurance matters.

Practicing throughout Louisiana and many other areas of the country, the attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have both vast experience and a unique perspective in the issues that can arise in admiralty and maritime law. The mighty Mississippi river has long been a conduit for waterborne commerce, transportation and distribution of goods to and from the heartland of the United States. The river supports a wide variety of industrial fleets, commercial operations, ports, and wharves that are essential to national and international, trade, industry and commerce. The Port of New Orleans is one of the largest ports in the country supporting not only interstate commerce and shipping, but also international shipping as the port is host to an endless parade of oceangoing vessels carrying goods to and from foreign ports. Along the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River intersects with the Gulf of Mexico where a myriad of oil field operations take place and a variety of businesses provide essential support to drilling, exploration and production activities. The combination of the river and gulf activities give rise to extensive array of maritime law issues that make the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals seated in New Orleans and an array of surrounding Gulf Coast state and Federal courts the most active maritime courts in the country.

Our lawyers successfully solve admiralty and maritime issues and represent insurance companies, maritime corporations, and consumers alike in the same dedicated and creative manner while providing the personalized and flexible service of a small firm. Whatever the dispute entails, the attorneys at Degan, Blanchard & Nash seek to achieve the best possible solution for our clients.