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Environmental Law

The attorneys at Degan, Blanchard & Nash are highly experienced in handling the wide range of environmental issues that are faced by employers in the oil and gas, maritime, refinery, manufacturing, and transportation industries. Our attorneys handle claims ranging from bad faith to the defense of Superfund litigation. Our representation and defense of many different types of environmental claims includes the defense of chemical manufacturers, employers, corporations using hazardous chemicals in the course of their operations, and other companies either directly or peripherally involved with the manufacture, handling, transportation and distribution of chemicals.

The firm defends numerous types of environmental claims, including wrongful death, personal injury and property damage claims. Our attorneys have represented employers as well as product manufacturers and others engaged in the handling, transportation and distribution of chemicals, including hazardous chemicals. We have worked extensively with experts such as toxicologists, epidemiologists, air modelers and meteorologists, and we are familiar with the scientific issues pertinent to the defense of environmental claims. We have worked closely with both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in connection with unexpected chemical releases, and have also counseled clients regarding appropriate response measures following unexpected chemical releases. These efforts are instrumental in minimizing the potential costs that can be associated with a chemical release, both from a regulatory and civil litigation perspective.

We have a group of seasoned, experienced attorneys and an extensive litigation database that is essential to defense of environmental claims, and which enables us to litigate these claims more efficiently than less experienced attorneys. We are extremely mindful of the costs associated with the defense of environmental claims and strive to minimize costs to the greatest extent possible in keeping with the potential exposure for the claims.

The attorneys have considerable experience in handling large class action lawsuits as well as individual claims, including personal injury, wrongful death and property damage claims. Our experience enables us to provide our clients with a cutting edge defense while minimizing the costs of litigation, which can be considerable in environmental claims due to the nature and complexity of the issues involved.

The firm also maintains a growing library of scientific information/data, which is often beneficial in obtaining an understanding of the complex issues arising from environmental disputes. Degan, Blanchard & Nash maintains an extensive list of expert witnesses who are often involved in the handling of environmental cases. Through the use of these and other efficient systems of operation, the firm is positioned to efficiently represent our clients while maintaining a strong defensive posture.

Finally, the technical expertise, including the education and training of several of our attorneys involved in the handling of insurance coverage and environmental defense litigation, can often be invaluable when dealing with the inevitably complex legal, factual and scientific issues which arise from these claims.