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Class Action Litigation

The class action attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have combined over sixty-five years of experience in complex civil litigation, class action and multidistrict practices. This practice has brought us before both state and Federal courts, across the country. With this experience comes a depth of specialized knowledge and capabilities that we can offer to our clients. Wherever possible Degan Blanchard & Nash strives to obtain the dismissal of, or defeat the attempted certification of the class, either at the trial court, or where necessary, appellate court level.

Over the years Degan, Blanchard & Nash attorneys have been at the forefront of defending class action and multidistrict litigation in areas of industry including but not limited to pharmaceutical, asbestos, and toxic torts. We have handled numerous environmental and mass tort claims involving coverage under multiple policy years and multiple insurers. We successfully obtained the dismissal of our clients from several post-Katrina class actions for failure to pay a contractor overhead and profit and successfully overturned rulings certifying a class in Johns vs. National Security. Most recently, Degan, Blanchard & Nash was part of a team of attorneys acting on behalf of defendants in the MDL based out of Louisiana, referred to as the FEMA Formaldehyde Litigation, in which a settlement was reached and approved by the court.

The attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have the skills, knowledge and experience to handle all of the issues involved in class actions, be it state, federal or multidistrict litigation. From the inception of the case, battling over the certification of a class through negotiation of a final class settlement, Degan, Blanchard & Nash strives to ensure the best representation of its clients. Recognizing the high cost that is often associated with class actions, the class action trial attorney ensures that a matter is properly staffed with highly qualified paralegals and associates, where appropriate.

Our attorneys are able to successfully manage class action, multi-plaintiff, and complex litigation matters with our clients' need for cost containment, quality legal services, and informed counsel always at the forefront of our client interaction. Degan Blanchard & Nash understands both the cost issues and business issues associated with complex civil litigation, class action and multidistrict litigation and, therefore, it is its practice to work closely with each client to carefully evaluate liability, develop strategies to reduce or limited liability, and finally dismiss or settled the action.