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Degan, Blanchard & Nash has its own dedicated appellate practice section. This practice group is uniquely qualified to provide skilled representation in the state and federal courts of appeal, as well as to associate with counsel from other states for appeals in other jurisdictions. The skills developed by an appellate practitioner are very unique. They include the ability to succinctly, logically and persuasively argue a position or particular interpretation of the law before a panel of appellate judges in both written form, in briefs, and orally. Degan, Blanchard & Nash believes that the skills needed by our appellate practice differ from a trial level litigator. In addition to knowing and following the complex and unforgiving rules of appellate procedure, which involve critical deadlines and hyper-technical rules regarding written submissions and strictly timed oral arguments, our appeal counsel succinctly, logically and persuasively argue a position or particular interpretation of the law before a panel of appellate judges in both written form and orally. Our appeal counsel also keep abreast of changes in the jurisprudence and legislation, and have unsurpassed skills in legal research.

Our attorneys have appeared and presented oral argument in every state and federal court of appeal in Louisiana, and enjoy a sterling reputation with the state's appellate judiciary. We have also appeared before several other federal courts of appeal, and have been admitted pro hac vice in other states in appellate cases. Our attorneys have held federal and state judicial clerkships, have worked with retired judges, and appear regularly before the appellate courts.

Appellate counsel often bring a fresh perspective to a case that was handled by separate trial counsel. That different perspective often leads to a more advantageous result for our clients after a difficult trial. At the trial level, our appellate counsel can assist in developing new arguments or theories of the case, identifying and preserving errors of the lower court, and drafting and arguing dispositive pre-trial and post-trial motions. We regularly file and litigate interlocutory appeals during the trial phases of litigation which often change the course of case, or result in a dismissal of claims against our clients. We also assist with formulating and preserving objections to jury charges, proper inclusion of evidence for review, and drafting and arguing post-trial motions.

The appellate attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have the resources, talent, and experience to handle your appellate work. By providing the personalized, one-on-one services of a small to medium sized firm, understanding the burdens and costs of litigation, we are able to obtain results for our clients in the most efficient and expedient method possible. At the same time, we pursue each appeal with drive, enthusiasm, creativity, and professionalism.

We offer the following services to our clients: