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Accident, Health, Disability & Life Insurance Claims

Accident, Health, Disability and Life Insurance Claims are expected to increase substantially in the coming years due in part to the country's aging population. The attorneys of Degan, Blanchard & Nash have the experience and the to handle any issues that may arise related to claims asserted under these policies from the initial claim all the way through trial and appeal, as well as, matters relating to COBRA, ERISA, HIPAA, and other federal programs. We are well versed on the factors entering into the decision on whether to accept or reject a claim. To add, we assist with the negotiation of a claim prior to litigation and the filing of a Declaratory Judgment Action in a preferred venue when that action is most advantageous for our client.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive legal advice to our clients while presenting alternative cost-effective strategies and potential outcomes for each possible action. We discuss each claim with our clients and listen to their concerns and questions to ensure that we address all current matters and any issues that may arise in the future. We also regularly provide assistance in the form of coverage analysis for our clients. This analysis requires an understanding of policy interpretation and up-to-date knowledge of ever changing jurisprudence, legislative enactments, administrative regulations and Advisory Letters and Bulletins issued by the Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance.

When litigation is filed, we work with our clients to confect an efficient and cost-effective resolution, when appropriate, and/or mount a vigorous defense, when required. We have extensive litigation experience in both state and federal courts. Additionally, we have appellate specialists in-house who help ensure that all relevant issues are preserved at trial and brief and argue each claim in the higher courts.

Degan, Blanchard & Nash prides itself in keeping its clients informed and engaged throughout the litigation process. We recognize that our clients want and need to be fully involved in the protection of their own rights, the reduction of their costs and the mitigation of their risks at all times. As a result, Degan, Blanchard & Nash is proud to be panel counsel for many of the largest national and international insurance companies and syndicates.

In recognition of Degan, Blanchard & Nash's track record, the firm is frequently requested to train adjusters to minimize future risks. Our attorneys provide in-house educational sessions for our clients' personnel across the country on a weekly basis. In addition, we offer materials and training that are approved for continuing education credit in nearly every state that offers such recognition. We realize that the best possible service we can provide to our clients is to assist in avoiding disputes before they ever occur, thereby maximizing cost savings and minimizing risks.